Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Diamond jewellery: Symbolizes beauty and grace

From earlier times diamond jewellery has been used as a symbol of beauty, wealth and love. It is the much preferred and favourite gemstone which adorns the engagement rings. Diamond is also known as “heera” and is related with the planet Venus which is an expression of love, beauty, marriage and comforts. Diamond is also said to be a girl’s best companion. But now the question is that what is it which makes diamond so special and unique?

Diamond is one of the navaratnas and if someone wears it, he/she is supposed to attract fame, name, beauty, grace, longevity, passion and creativity. In addition, diamond is also said to improve sexual power and heal sexual and skin disorders, problems of the kidney, bronchitis, eye disorders, diabetics etc. According to astrologists, if the planet Venus is well placed in the horoscope and someone wears diamond than there are several benefits of diamond and gives positive results to the wearer than any other stone. Jewellery made of diamond is very popular as wedding and engagement jewellery. White diamond jewellery has become an accepted fashion trend of today with more and more people wearing it and promoting it.

No woman in this world can resist diamond jewellery. Especially, diamond engagement rings which are very popular and liked. Diamond engagement rings are so important because in most western cultures, people wear diamond ring on the third finger of their left hand as it is thought that the vein of that finger is connected directly to the heart.

Plus, diamond is also a very strong stone and because of this reason it is considered as an expression of longevity and stability in love and marriage. Despite of being a very expensive and precious stone, diamond ring or jewellery does not fail to attract grooms who wish to give valuable stones to their brides as an expression of love and affection to them. Maybe because of the quality and worth, rings made of diamond are the most preferred engagement ring.

These days, diamond is available in several colors like red, white, blue and black. White and black diamonds are the most demanded and preferred colors. These precious and valuable gemstones are used to make graceful jewellery which adds to the beauty of the wearer. In earlier times, diamond was not a stone that everybody could afford because of its high price. But now diamond jewellery is available at affordable rates to suit any budget.

Express your deep love with engagement ring

An engagement ring is one of the significant and necessary aspects of a marriage. If a woman is wearing engagement ring it shows that the she is engaged to someone and she is now going to marry that man. Plus, it is also a symbol of love and affection between a woman and her man. The tradition of giving engagement rings has been around since many decades. The importance and value of an engagement ring may differ from person to person and in each culture. In Western countries like UK, and USA man gives a ring to the lady he wants to marry. Once the lady happily accepts the ring both are engaged till the wedding. In addition, at the time of wedding women again get another ring that shows that the lady is now married.

There are many cultures in the world where both men and women get engagement rings to represent a strong and eternal relationship. Therefore, an engagement ring is not merely a precious band to show off the class and status but it is an expression of true love, affection, care, understanding and passion a couple shares. Furthermore, it is a promise of being together for now and forever. These days, different kinds and designs of engagement rings are available in the market. Evolved from a simple band to an iron ring and then silver and gold and later gemstone rings, engagement rings today are very much different from the traditional and usual one.

Diamond engagement rings now a days have became the traditional option and with constantly changing trends and gradual development, engagement rings became the perfect choice to express the heartiest feelings. It is since earlier times that when a man wants to propose his love, he tries to find out the best possible engagement ring which could express his emotions and sentiments and would reflect his true and genuine feelings to her.

Engagement ring that a man chooses shows how a person looks his/her future relationship. As people see their love, hopes, emotions and aspirations in a ring, it obviously becomes an important part of a relationship. Through an engagement ring one can say that he would be faithful, caring, loving, trustworthy and sincere for his relation and love would be the centre of a lasting relation.

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