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How to Buy the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring?

Love is in the air. Are you too struck by the cupid and planning to tie a knot in the coming months? Here are some tips for buying the perfect diamond engagement ring for your better half –

  • The first thing to keep in mind is the authenticity of the diamond that you are buying. Buy diamond rings only from reputed and certified stores to ensure that you do not get duped. Always remember the 4Cs while shopping for a diamond ring.
  • Check the various designs and styles that are most preferred when it comes to diamond engagement rings. You can go for any design that catches your fancy and suits your style. It can be a huge diamond surrounded by various smaller diamonds or other precious stones or just a single diamond perched on a metal band, depending upon your budget and preference.
  • Next is to choose the band. Platinum, white gold, palladium and gold are some of the most sought after metals for a diamond ring. Choose the metal that complements the cut and colour of the diamond.

Keep these tips in mind and select the most beautiful diamond engagement ring for you.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

What's Your plan to gift your partner on Valentine's Day.

Everybody wants to make their Valentine's day special and memorable occasion for them. According to the research study in U.S, lovers purchase different items on this special day to gifts their loved ones.

They buy greeting cards, chocolates, bouquets, flowers etc. Research shows that men spends the money mostly on the jewelry items to gift their girlfriend in which there are 21% of person interested in rings, 40 % for necklaces, 20 % in earrings and 8 % Bracelets. 

.Are You Going to Propose your Dream Girl:

You are dating your girlfriend since long time and now thinking to propose her for a marriage. The first question will rise in your mind “How will I propose her?” Every girl wants her proposal to be romantic and memorable and also boys want to feel the girls so special for him. So why don't you surprise her with a beautiful Diamond engagement ring. Here I will guide you to follow the steps while going to purchase a ring for her. For sure, after getting a beautiful engagement ring, your lover will say yes.

I am sharing an Infographic here that could help you in choosing a beautiful diamond engagement ring for your beloved.

Have a look on below infographic and enjoy:

How Many Facets in a Diamond


There are different kind of designs, colors available in diamonds. But did you check how many facets the diamond have before going to purchase it. There are 4C'S available in a diamond that indicates the quality of it. Cut, Clear, Clarity and Color are four facets of diamond that describes the whole structure of diamond.

Here I am sharing an Infographic that describes the whole journey of diamond, How it's being formed and each facet of diamond. You will got to know the ideal cut of diamond, colours and clarity of diamond and How diamonds are used etc. Learn about the whole process of extracting diamond from the earth in below infographic:-

Please have a look yourself and learn some interesting facts about the diamond. 


Spectacular Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrities have always been the trend setters. Whatever they do, it becomes the most popular news to talk about. It is because they are always associated with the beautiful and glamorous lifestyle. To maintain such lifestyle, they spend a lot of money to carry the most fashionable look in front of the camera. And yes, we love to read stories about celebrities.

Often celebrities show their love by presenting an engagement ring to their lover. One will get shocked to know the price of these rings as they are far beyond the reach of a normal person. Here I am sharing the top 15 outrageously expensive diamond engagement rings worn by some A-list celebrities -

Original Source:-

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Diamond Jewelry- A Unique Variety

Diamond jewellery is adored by every woman. The astonishing finish of this jewellery has the power to leave the world in amazement. There is a plethora of diamond accessories that women can choose from.

Diamond earrings

During festive season, most recognised online diamond jewellery stores offer diamond earrings at attractive discounts.

From a comprehensive range of accessories, you can choose the most dazzling pair of diamond earrings for your self. You can find diamond studs in aesthetic designs and styles thus, investing in a unique pair of diamond earrings is worth it.

Solitaire Diamond rings

Solitaire diamond rings usually appear with only one diamond stone mounted in the setting.  These are considered as the most traditional piece of jewellery among all the other diamond pieces. If you like to have a blend of sophistication and simplicity, solitaire diamond rings is just the right option. The elegance of a solitaire diamond rings speaks volume of love that you can also express by gifting it to your loved one.

Diamond pendants

Diamond pendants are another essential pieces of jewellery that adorn a woman's neckline. At online stores, you can find both- solitaire diamond pendants and complete necklaces. Necklaces being too heavy, a diamond pendant can effortlessly compliment any of your outfit making your look absolutely stunning at every occasion. 

So, don’t wait to visit the best diamond jewellery store to make your best purchase of diamond jewellery online.

Diamonds are Forever

If you are planning to gift your dear one a unique piece of diamond jewellery then you are simply going for the best option. A diamond studded jewellery can bring a sparkling smile on your loved one. It is a gift that your beloved would love to treasure for a lifetime. As diamonds have always been a greatest expression of love, you can profess your feelings by gifting a stunning piece of diamond necklace, pendant, ring or earrings.

Whether it's her birthday, your anniversary, or any other special occasion, diamond accessories, especially those solitaire diamond are perfect choices. Although, it may be a little pricey, however you can make your best purchase from a recognised online store, choosing your favourite diamond jewellery.    

How to choose your diamond jewellery?    

The 4 Cs

The 4 Cs- Cut, clarity, colour and carat are the most influential factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing diamond pieces such as solitaire rings. Cut typically refers to the technique used in the cutting of the diamond. More the cuts, shinier is the diamond piece. Clarity refers to the number of flaws inside the diamond. When it comes to colour, ideally the diamonds should be as white as possible. However, due to impurities, you often find different colours in diamond accessories.

Surprise your woman with beautiful diamond jewellery.  

Thursday, 27 June 2013

10 Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

When talking about the diamond, No doubt every lady must be amazed and screamed. Every women wants to have the best diamond to be the part of her beauty. Diamonds of various qualities reflect the wealth of a person so we can say that who owns the expensive diamond is more wealthy. There are different unique and expensive diamonds available that are outreach for a normal person.

Here Australian diamond company presents an Infographic about the "10 most expensive diamonds in the world" that shows the unique journey of our expensive diamonds.

So let's have a look on below Infographic and share your thoughts:

Friday, 17 May 2013

Hot New Glittering Diamond Jewelry!!!!!!!!

Have you ever seen Diamond encrusted car ,
18kt gold 4,517 diamonds purse etc?

Watch out this video by Dimencia that is having amazing collection of expensive diamond jewelry.

1- diamond contact lenses by Chandrashekhar Chawan
2 emerald and diamond tiara that once belonged to Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck sold for $12.3 million.
3 "The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse" (18 kt gold, 4,517 diamonds, weighs 381.92 carats and is valued at $3.8 million)
4 Diamond Encrusted Car $4.8M
5 Wallis Simpson's Panther Bracelet sold for $12.4 million
6 diamond shoes (Each pair is handcrafted from solid gold and then encrusted with 2,200 brilliant cut diamonds, totaling 30 carats)
7 The GoldVish "Le Million" approx. US$1.3 million
8 diamond bikini sold for $30M
9 Montblanc's Mystery Masterpiece (20 carats of sapphires, emeralds, or rubies, and accented by almost 840 diamonds) sold for $730,000
10 'The Graff Pink' Diamond (pink round-cornered rectangular step-cut diamond weighing 24.78 carats) sold for $46.2 million
11 5.02 carat blue diamond
12 Harry Winston Extraordinary Diamond Drop Earrings $8.5 million
13 Rare 52 Carat White Diamond
14 Magnificent Diamond and Emerald Necklace $3M
15 Heart Shaped Diamond sold $12M
16 White Diamond by Sotheby's $23M
17 Rare "Vivid Pink" Diamond $10.8M
18 Sun-Drop Diamond sold for $12.36M
19 Sotheby's Blue Diamond: $7.98 million
20 the latest Joaillerie 101 series from Jaeger-LeCoultre (The watch is available set with 576 diamonds or with 400 diamonds and 11 onyx cabochons) price unknown
21 Vivid Green Diamond $3.08M
22 Barbie Doll ($302,500), $4.2 Million Pet Tiara Designed by Riwin Jirapolsek, the diamond pacifier.
23 Heart-shaped Burma Ruby Necklace $14M

I am sure you got amazed by this video but this is extremely true..........


How did the culture of engagement ring started?

Did you know that who got her first engagement ring?????

1- Princess Mary : was given the smallest engagement rings while an infant 2 years old.
2- Jackquiline Bouvier: 1953: She was proposed by John F. Kennedy with a two carat diamond ring.
3- Grace Kelly: Became enegaged to Prince Rainer of Monaco in 1955 with a twelve carat Emerald cut engagement ring.
4- Priscilla Preseley: Elvis Preseley proposed her with a 3.5 carat diamond engagement ring.
5- Elizabeth Taylor:- Richard Burton gave Elizabeth a 33.19 carat Asscher cut stone in 1968. 

A Look at the “Bling" Now vs Then

Engagement ring always been a big purchase for a men in his life. Have a look how prices have been changed throughout the years.

You will shocked to know that how pricing rate of diamond is growing day by day.

The average cost of diamond rings:
1960:- $167
1976:- $40
1985:- $950
1988:- $1300
1999:- $3000
2005:- $4000
2009:- $3500
2010:- $3100

Did you know the famous proposals through engagement ring in past years...
Have a look for yourself!!!!!


So Isn't it interesting????

Your views and suggestions are always welcome.


Amazing collection - Diamond rings of your lovely ladies.

I thought to collect some amazing ring collection of our lovely ladies for you. So, check out some Interesting Celebrity Diamond Rings:

This dimond ring is seen on Angelina Jolie's engagement finger as she and her son Pax view works from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Chinese collection. Did you know this engagement ring is gifted by Brad Pitt worth $500,000....which has a total of 16 carats!!!!!!! Isn't it Wow!

Below is the amazing collection of your dear Angelina Jolie's diamond jewellery and rings. Don't you love it?

All of you know that Kim Kardarshian is happily engaged by kris Humphries and she got an amazing ring worth $2 million which is almost half as much as her Beverly hills mansion.This is Lorraine Schwartz ring with a 16.5-carat emerald cut center stone.

Although Beyonce marriage was well kept secret but her amazing 18carat flawless ring did not........which was valued more that $5 million.

                        Jennifer Lopez is having a collection of four engagement rings but from all those one was quite different which gave her by Ben Affleck in 2002.

 David Beckham proposed Victoria Beckham with a 3-carat marquise-cut diamond which was pear shaped and almost $5 million also.

The pop super star shimmers with a $2.5 million diamond engagement ring by her hubby Nick Cannon who gave her a 17-carat emerald-cut pink diamond ring which was surrounded by 58 pink diamonds and has two half-moon diamonds on each side.

Jennifer Aniston’s was gifted by an ultra unique engagement ring from Brad Pitt which was co-designed by Pitt himself with the help of designer Silvia Damiani. that costs: $500,000

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with 18-carat oval sapphire ring that used to wear by his late mother Princess Diana’s. The ring was Surrounded by 14 smaller white diamonds and cost worth $65,000..

 Paris Hilton's Engagement ring has 24 carat white diamond and gifted by Paris Latsis.

Celebs Exotic Engagement rings in style !!!!!

Jennifer Garner engagement ring costs-----------$29M
Beyonce engagement ring costs-----------------$5M
Angeline Jolie engagement ring costs------$500,000
Blake Lively engagement ring costs------$2M
Sarah Jessica engagement ring costs-----$1,199
Heidi Klum engagement ring costs---------$2M
Jessica Biel engagement ring costs---$68000
Victoria Beckham engagement ring costs----$100,000
Katie Holmes engagement ring costs------$10M
Kate Middleton engagement ring costs-----$28,000
Jenifer Aniston engagement ring costs-----$500,000
Ellende Generes engagement ring costs-----$26000

Buying a diamond ring for your partner: Things you need to know

For thousand of years , The diamond has been valued for its strength, brilliance and beauty. Diamond is famous gemstone for engagement rings and more. Ladies are totally fond of diamonds. But Di you know some interesting facts about diamond.

AN“Online Dating University” did some researched and found some interesting facts about diamonds.
  • How they are formed(Complete production of diamonds from 400BC to 1870 and on.
  • Properties of diamond(Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat and shape)
  • Diamonds in advertising etc.

Diamond word generate from greek word which means unbreakable that resembles the unbreakable relationships in form of engagement rings. 

For the original infographic click HERE


Some Usual and Unusual wedding Traditions in the world!

Last week I attend the marriage of my friend and saw so many different culture over there. I got amazed by such lovely wedding traditions. Then I researched on internet and found many more wedding traditions across the world. Few of them I am going to share it with you.

As all of you know that exchanging rings, tossing the bridal bouqet or breaking champagne glasses are few common tradition in our country. But Did anyone know that before few years what wedding traditions were followed by the people. You will shock that only few weddings in the world takes place with rings exchange. This is a now trend that people use to exchange rings for marriage but in ancient times there were different culture being -

In ancient Rome, the groom sent an iron ring to the bride as a symbol of unbreakable bonds. Egyptians were the first to use rings in the wedding ceremony.
-Bridal bouquet toss culture come from the North America.
-Wedding dance tradition dates back to the ancient tribes.
-The Garter toss tradition was born in 14th century England. People believed that a piece of bride clothing would bring happiness and luck.
-In ancient Rome the veil of bride was red and symbolized the bride's belonging to the groom.
-Breaking dishes is an international tradition and in ancient times people used to broke clay pots for good luck.

I found some unusual wedding traditions also like

-In South Korea, the groom presented a wild goose to future mother in law as a symbol of fertility and commitment.
-In Fiji, The groom presented a whale's tooth to the bride father as a symbol of wealth and high social status.
-In Kenya, The husband used to wear the female clothes to experience the hard life of women.
-In Sweden, The bride put a silver coin in her left shoe and a gold in the right shoe that parents provide her.

So,isn't it interesting...........?

Contact here for more information.........

How to judge diamond clarity


When you are going to buy a diamond ring, You should understand how the diamond is evaluated. You have to be clear about the 4C's of diamonds: Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut that comes under the terms like :- Table worth, Crown, Pavilion, Gurdle, Culet, Facets, Crown angle, crown depth, Pavilion Angle, pavilion depth, Girdle Diameter, and Depth.

Did you know that only 98% of all diamonds are not actually white in colour.
85% of all the diamonds mined are not used in the jewelry.
58% of Facets are found on round diamond cuts
1% of women will ever wear a diamond of one carat or more.

So, Enjoy you diamonds with little quality check.
Got more information from here:-

Monday, 29 April 2013

4 Cs: A criteria to get the best diamond wedding ring

Every expensive gem or jewel has its own characteristic and attribute for which it is known for in the jewellery market. It is essential and inborn features and specifications of the gem that make it distinguished and fit for marking specific occasions. When it comes to buying a perfect diamond wedding ring that catches all eyes, we need to know what makes it valuable and precious. Mentioned below are 4Cs that decide the market value and price of a diamond piece. 

These include:

Cut: A diamond gets an adequate and elegant shape when it is cut and gets sparkle and brightness. That is why proportion, symmetry and polish play a vital role in making a diamond piece valuable. 
Carat (weight): Market value of a piece of diamond is decided on the basis of its weight called “carat”. It is the weight standard for diamonds and gemstones. 
Colour: It is the basis on which the purity and transparency of a diamond is judged. It is the colour that creates appeal. Hence, yellowish colour of the stone is considered a popular colour that makes it valuable. 
Clarity: At last, it is nothing but the clarity of the diamond piece that measures its size and number accurately.

Diamond engagement rings: An allusion of a new bond

Beginning of a new relationship needs a recognition and allusion, and nothing can be greater than diamond engagement rings that mingle two hearts. A diamond wedding ring is not just a circular band made of precious metals and holds expensive gems; it is a betrothal gift that is exchanged between two people to mark their forthcoming marriage. Diamond engagement ring is a sign of warmth and zeal to new relationship. So, the diamond ring you choose to make a mark should have the ability to give a give a symbol to new relationship.

Being costly and expensive, a diamond ring is considered as an ideal gift for wedding and engagement events. The ring that celebrates occasions must have some remarkable features. Nothing but the visual appeal as well as spontaneous, natural and elegant beauty of the gemstone can add a real meaning to the ring. Traditionally, diamond has been preferred in round shapes with and princess cuts. Today, people's taste and interest are changing sharply and it clearly reflects in modern shape, size and style of diamond rings. Now, oval, pear, heart and marquise cuts are gaining popularity. You can choose a shape that elegantly shines of her hand. In addition to the price, range, design and style of diamond rings, 4Cs is something that you cannot comprise at all.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Diamonds- Discover Love like Never Before

There are plenty of occasions that require gifting to loved ones. If you are planning to gift something unique to your dear one, do not just settle for the usual gifts such as flowers or perfumes. Try something different and extraordinarily meaningful. A meaningful gift will work as a token of your love that your dear one will always remember. Dazzling diamond jewellery can be a perfect gift this season.

Diamonds have been known to have eternal powers to symbolise true love. These appear in different forms including diamond earrings, cuff links or pendants manifest extremely valuable qualities that actually make them stand apart from the rest of the precious gemstones.

For women, the variety includes beautiful pair of diamond earrings, pendants, finger rings, anklets and more. Likewise for men the diamond pieces include solitaires, studs, cuff links and more. All these diamond gift sets are truly precious and can be gifted on any occasion to express boundless love.

Remember, diamond jewellery gifts are unique and last for generations. These are timeless pieces that never dwindle from trends and can express volumes of emotions perfectly.

So which diamond accessory are you gifting to your dear one this New Year?

Preserving the Valuable Diamond Accessories

Diamond has ever known to be one of the most precious gemstones on earth. Its exquisiteness and radiant beauty cannot be matched with any other stone. Owing to this reason most women love to wear diamond accessories in order to flaunt a royal look. However, diamond stones too have some drawbacks. They might lose their shine over time if not cared and preserved adequately. Here are some tips by which you can preserve the beauty of your diamond jewellery sets:

  • Prevent from scratches: Since diamonds are prone to scratches, it is suggested to preserve your diamond accessories in separate jewellery boxes. In addition, while travelling make sure you don’t dump all pieces in one single box in order to prevent them from scratches. This way your valuable diamonds will always appear naturally lustrous.

  • Self care: If professional cleaning methods are unaffordable, you can certainly clean your precious diamond jewellery sets on your own. With the help of a tooth-brush with soft bristles, a mild detergent and a soft cloth, you can conveniently clean the gemstones in lukewarm water.

Preserving and maintaining your diamond jewellery is totally in your hands. These tips can definitely help you retain the shine and lustre of your diamond stones for several generations.

Friday, 15 February 2013

What Does Wearing a Diamond Ring on Each Finger Mean?

The love for diamonds that every woman has is no secret. It is indeed a well established fact. Besides diamond bracelets and neck pieces, women from all over the world have an obsession for diamond rings. As a fashion accessory, you wear diamond rings in different fingers. But have you ever wondered what does wearing a diamond ring in each finger signify? Read on.
White gold engagement rings

Diamond ring and finger significance

The thumb symbolises willpower in an individual and considered as the most independent among all fingers. Thumb is connected with the inner self of a person. Wearing a diamond ring in this finger would help to boost your willpower and confidence.

Index Finger
The index finger basically symbolises leadership and ambition. Wearing a diamond ring in this finger would help you get more of inner strength and make you ambitious.

Middle Finger
The middle finger reflects the individuality of a person. It is connected to your purpose in life. Thus, wearing a diamond ring in this finger symbolises a balanced life.

Ring Finger
The fourth finger is the ring finger. This finger has a direct connection with your heart. This is the reason why the wedding ring is worn in this finger.

Little Finger
The little finger represents everything about relationships. Wearing a diamond ring in this finger symbolises your associations with the outside world.

Now, choose your finger before choosing a diamond ring for yourself!

Facts about Diamonds

Who does not wish to wear a stunning piece of diamond jewellery? But you must know certain facts about this precious stone before actually buying it.

Do you know?

Diamonds are the hardest metal on earth and these took billions of years to form. If you have thought of leaving something for your next generation, diamonds can be the most ideal items.

Diamond ring Melbourne
You can simply keep them in a box or a pouch for several years and you won’t ever find them going into any form of deterioration. They may lose their radiance for a while, but once they are cleaned, they regain their original dazzling appeal.

Diamonds are the most flexible gemstones. Who says that you can wear a diamond ring only during a special event? Diamond accessories are extremely versatile and match with every fashion and outfit. For instance, a simple solitaire ring does not require any specific wardrobe to complement its beauty. It can be worn even in the office or during your casual trips as well.

Diamonds symbolize purity and eternal love, which makes these stones one of the most valuable gifts by men to their special someone.

Diamond – It’s all about its Preciousness

It is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friends. They are very popular as engagement gifts and also as anniversary gifts. These dazzling pieces always had a long list of admirers. Owing to their unmatched radiance and beauty, diamonds hold the most attention of people.
Engagement diamond rings
Diamond is one of the loveliest and most precious gemstones in the world. Loose diamonds come in a varied range of colors. You can find more than 300 natural shades in loose diamonds. But do you know that clearer the diamond is the more valuable it’s going to be. Also, diamonds have such an inner radiance which no other stone in the world has. Diamond has its own light and brilliance which can’t be overlooked.

Let’s not forget its cut, which can definitely make you feel amazed thinking how the hardest stone can be transformed into beautiful shapes.

Not everyone can afford to buy the expensive stone but if you are planning to gift your loved one something extremely memorable this Valentine’s day, you can actually count on diamonds.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Diamond jewellery: Symbolizes beauty and grace

From earlier times diamond jewellery has been used as a symbol of beauty, wealth and love. It is the much preferred and favourite gemstone which adorns the engagement rings. Diamond is also known as “heera” and is related with the planet Venus which is an expression of love, beauty, marriage and comforts. Diamond is also said to be a girl’s best companion. But now the question is that what is it which makes diamond so special and unique?

Diamond is one of the navaratnas and if someone wears it, he/she is supposed to attract fame, name, beauty, grace, longevity, passion and creativity. In addition, diamond is also said to improve sexual power and heal sexual and skin disorders, problems of the kidney, bronchitis, eye disorders, diabetics etc. According to astrologists, if the planet Venus is well placed in the horoscope and someone wears diamond than there are several benefits of diamond and gives positive results to the wearer than any other stone. Jewellery made of diamond is very popular as wedding and engagement jewellery. White diamond jewellery has become an accepted fashion trend of today with more and more people wearing it and promoting it.

No woman in this world can resist diamond jewellery. Especially, diamond engagement rings which are very popular and liked. Diamond engagement rings are so important because in most western cultures, people wear diamond ring on the third finger of their left hand as it is thought that the vein of that finger is connected directly to the heart.

Plus, diamond is also a very strong stone and because of this reason it is considered as an expression of longevity and stability in love and marriage. Despite of being a very expensive and precious stone, diamond ring or jewellery does not fail to attract grooms who wish to give valuable stones to their brides as an expression of love and affection to them. Maybe because of the quality and worth, rings made of diamond are the most preferred engagement ring.

These days, diamond is available in several colors like red, white, blue and black. White and black diamonds are the most demanded and preferred colors. These precious and valuable gemstones are used to make graceful jewellery which adds to the beauty of the wearer. In earlier times, diamond was not a stone that everybody could afford because of its high price. But now diamond jewellery is available at affordable rates to suit any budget.

Express your deep love with engagement ring

An engagement ring is one of the significant and necessary aspects of a marriage. If a woman is wearing engagement ring it shows that the she is engaged to someone and she is now going to marry that man. Plus, it is also a symbol of love and affection between a woman and her man. The tradition of giving engagement rings has been around since many decades. The importance and value of an engagement ring may differ from person to person and in each culture. In Western countries like UK, and USA man gives a ring to the lady he wants to marry. Once the lady happily accepts the ring both are engaged till the wedding. In addition, at the time of wedding women again get another ring that shows that the lady is now married.

There are many cultures in the world where both men and women get engagement rings to represent a strong and eternal relationship. Therefore, an engagement ring is not merely a precious band to show off the class and status but it is an expression of true love, affection, care, understanding and passion a couple shares. Furthermore, it is a promise of being together for now and forever. These days, different kinds and designs of engagement rings are available in the market. Evolved from a simple band to an iron ring and then silver and gold and later gemstone rings, engagement rings today are very much different from the traditional and usual one.

Diamond engagement rings now a days have became the traditional option and with constantly changing trends and gradual development, engagement rings became the perfect choice to express the heartiest feelings. It is since earlier times that when a man wants to propose his love, he tries to find out the best possible engagement ring which could express his emotions and sentiments and would reflect his true and genuine feelings to her.

Engagement ring that a man chooses shows how a person looks his/her future relationship. As people see their love, hopes, emotions and aspirations in a ring, it obviously becomes an important part of a relationship. Through an engagement ring one can say that he would be faithful, caring, loving, trustworthy and sincere for his relation and love would be the centre of a lasting relation.

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