Friday, 15 February 2013

What Does Wearing a Diamond Ring on Each Finger Mean?

The love for diamonds that every woman has is no secret. It is indeed a well established fact. Besides diamond bracelets and neck pieces, women from all over the world have an obsession for diamond rings. As a fashion accessory, you wear diamond rings in different fingers. But have you ever wondered what does wearing a diamond ring in each finger signify? Read on.
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Diamond ring and finger significance

The thumb symbolises willpower in an individual and considered as the most independent among all fingers. Thumb is connected with the inner self of a person. Wearing a diamond ring in this finger would help to boost your willpower and confidence.

Index Finger
The index finger basically symbolises leadership and ambition. Wearing a diamond ring in this finger would help you get more of inner strength and make you ambitious.

Middle Finger
The middle finger reflects the individuality of a person. It is connected to your purpose in life. Thus, wearing a diamond ring in this finger symbolises a balanced life.

Ring Finger
The fourth finger is the ring finger. This finger has a direct connection with your heart. This is the reason why the wedding ring is worn in this finger.

Little Finger
The little finger represents everything about relationships. Wearing a diamond ring in this finger symbolises your associations with the outside world.

Now, choose your finger before choosing a diamond ring for yourself!


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