Sunday, 30 December 2012

Tips to Preserve the Beauty of your Precious Diamond Jewellery

Diamond is one of the most valuable gemstones found across the world. The exquisiteness and appeal of diamond jewellery cannot be compared with any other stone. It is for this reason that usually women love to wear diamond accessories in order to get a rich and ravishing look. But diamonds too like any other jewellery might lose their radiance with time if no adequate care is given to preserve them. Here are some tips by which you can preserve the beauty of your precious diamond jewellery:

  • Protect from Scratches: Diamonds are prone to scratches. To avoid this problem, it is imperative to preserve your diamond accessories in separate jewellery boxes. Also, while you are on travel, make sure you don’t dump all pieces in one single box to invite more scratches. By this way, your precious diamond ornaments will always stay lustrous for years.

  • Home Cleaning: If you find professional cleaning methods to be pricey, then you can do the cleaning process of your adorable diamond jewellery from the comfort of your home as well. To cleanse all your diamond jewels at home, get a tooth-brush with soft bristles, a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Clean every ornament in warm water.

These tips will surely help you preserve your diamond jewellery in the perfect way.

Expressing Love with Diamonds

There are several occasions which require offering gifts to each other. If you are confused with what to buy for that special person in your life, do not simply settle for the usual perfumes or flowers. In no time, the flowers will decay and the perfumes will fade. A meaningful gift that you can give must be a token that can convey the true feelings. You can definitely express your love with diamond jewellery.

From ancient times, diamond has been considered as an eternal symbol of love. Diamond jewellery gifts, whether in the form of earrings, cuff links or pendants manifest extremely valuable qualities that actually make them stand out from the rest of the precious items. Despite the jewellery design, size and shape, almost all forms of diamond jewellery pieces are considered as the best gifts for men and women in the market today.

Diamond bracelets are usually reserved for women, whereas, diamond cuff links looks best on men. The diamond wrist accessories have also gained wide popularity and are thus gifted to express boundless love.

Although there is a wide array of gift ideas, most of them cannot surpass the quality and joy that diamond jewellery offers. Needless to state, diamonds are timeless pieces which never fade away with trends and could express volumes of emotions perfectly.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Finding Precious Engagement Rings in Jewellery Stores in Melbourne

To mark the occasion of an engagement in style and perfection, it is necessary that engaged couples exchange precious engagement rings in the presence of their loved ones. Amongst a large number of jewellery stores, finding a store where there is a ring of your choice and taste is not an easy task. To do so, you need to go through some below mentioned steps.

First of all, before you reach any store for the purpose of purchasing, take a calculation of your own needs and wants such as style, design and type that you want to see in the ring of your choosing. This consideration will help you make a balanced decision when you reach a store.

The next step that always makes a difference and takes you close to the store of your preference is making a research. The research allows you to know about the availability of different stores in Melbourne. With the research, you can check what is being offered by the stores in terms of services, products and other schemes. On the Internet, you can also check the status of all sorts of rings such as their features, specifications, 4 Cs and make.

Finally, once satisfied with the store and its product, you need to look at the price factor set by the store for rings. Give preference to affordability of the price. If you follow all these steps in a chronological order, you can find what you want and expect from a jewellery store in Melbourne.

Adding Value and Preciousness to Diamond Wedding Ring with 4Cs

Every gem has its own features and specifications that make it special and distinguished. When it comes to checking out the value and potential of diamonds, they are evaluated on the basis of the global standards of 4Cs. The market value and price of a diamond piece are set on the basis of 4 Cs including cut, carat weight, color and clarity.

Proportions, symmetry and polish of a diamond are considered valuable with the way it is cut. A diamond gets adequate and elegant shape when it is cut to get sparkle and brightness. When it comes to the weight of the diamond, it gets market value on the basis of carat, a weight standard for diamonds and gemstones. For the judgment of the purity and transparency of a diamond, the third factor called color is taken into consideration. The yellowish color of the stone gives it an appeal and reason to get liked by all. Finally, it is nothing but the clarity factor that measures the size, number and inclusions within each diamond stone. If all of the 4 Cs are evaluated seriously, one can make his or her wedding occasion unforgettable and memorable with a diamond wedding ring that is genuinely flawless.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Make your love happy by giving her white gold diamond ring

White gold diamond rings are becoming an extremely popular choice for wedding rings. The majority of women love the beauty and elegance associated with white gold diamond rings. The most important thing is to try to get the great deal possible while shopping for white gold diamond rings. Now, also people really cherish the idea of having high-quality rings without paying too much for the same.

White gold rings are available in different styles and designs for you to choose from. More and more people are purchasing white gold diamond rings for their marriage as they are very durable and have the right amount of glow. Another important reason that why people are opting for these rings is that it has the texture and glow of a platinum rings and appeal of a gold ring

Buying a while gold diamond ring for your life partner is a good option. Diamond stone work in a white gold ring gives an elegant and classy look. These days, many people prefer white gold diamond ring over platinum because white gold is much cheaper than platinum. Plus, after some platinum may appear dull but white gold maintains its texture and glow.

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Express your love through diamond engagement ring

In earlier times, gold used to be the standard for determining the value of an engagement ring, but with the passage of time things have changed. Diamond engagement rings are now more in demand than ever before. Diamond’s popularity and demand is evident everywhere. Its beauty has made it somewhat of a status symbol.

What make diamond engagement rings different from other standard engagement rings are definitely their brightness, clarity and durability. What decides durability of the ring is a cut of diamonds. If you want all elegance and sophistication in your diamond engagement ring, then you must find diamonds with a faultless cut and you must have a great financial plan. Never, forget to decide on the colour of your engagement diamond rings. While you are thinking on the perfect colour, it comes as a revelation that best engagement diamond rings are colourless ones.

The foremost important rule to choose the best engagement diamond ring is to keep some basic things in mind including carat, clarity, colour and cut. There are numerous websites that can provide you the information that you want, just do not get confused and get pleasure from every moment of your engagement diamond rings quest.

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Friday, 28 September 2012

All about three stone engagement diamond rings

Three stone engagement diamond rings are usually made with diamond as a centre, surrounded by other stones.

Diamond engagement rings: The diamond is the only gemstone that is used to make this engagement ring - a single diamond in the centre, with two smaller diamonds at the side. The centre diamond can be princess cut, emerald cut, round, etc. You can order for engagement diamond rings in three stone designs in platinum as well as yellow gold.

Emerald or Sapphire engagement rings: Originally these types of rings are made only using diamonds, while other gemstones are also used. Usually, while making emerald engagement rings in the three stone design - three emeralds are never used. Emeralds and sapphires are usually used in combination with white diamonds. An emerald or the sapphire is generally set in the center with any cut of your choice and the diamonds are places on either side.

Vintage engagement rings: You can also have oval engagement rings; preferably go for the sapphire or the emerald center stone. Vintage three stone engagement rings are also made in white diamonds with elaborate & intricate designs. Antique or vintage rings made in yellow gold appear far more attractive than those made in white gold.

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White gold engagement ring etiquettes

Engagement ring etiquette is a very important aspect of western weddings. Without the white gold engagement ring, the engagement seems incomplete.

Understanding the basic etiquette for engagement rings:

  • The first thing which sometimes can be ambiguous is who should wear the ring. Is it necessary that both the prospective bride and groom should wear it? As per traditional norms only the woman wears the ring. Though, with changing times, men have also started wearing these rings. Wearing an engagement ring is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond of love and commitment.

  • Often it is seen that men as well as women wear their engagement rings in either of the hands. Mostly women wear such rings in their ring finger of the left hand which supposedly have a vein which reaches your heart. While most men wear it in their right hand.

  • Consider the white gold engagement rings as a commitment with a stone. Amongst the vast variety of engagement rings, you have another option in the form of eternity rings. These symbolise a lifelong commitment and have precious stones, preferably diamond.

These were some of the few basic things involved in engagement ring etiquette. What matters at the end of the day is the love and the special bond between the couple.

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Engagement diamond ring design ideas for men

On merely a thought of engagement rings you start visualising an image of a beautiful solitaire diamond ring flanked with semi precious stones for a woman. You can easily see woman's engagement rings in different designs and styles being promoted by leading jewellery houses. However, engagement diamond ring for men are more of an afterthought.

But you don’t have to worry as now-a-days, most of the jewellery designers are aware that men too need to have some good styles in engagement rings. Men’s rings need to be less ornate and flashy unlike women’s engagement diamond rings. Hence choosing the right style of engagement diamond ring for men is very important.

For those men who would like something simple, then a simple engagement ring that is like a wedding band will work as a good option. You will be amazed to explore the variations of the band style of ring available these days. Men's wedding ring designs in gold or silver look very elegant with a matte finish or even a satin polished finish.

Go for tougher material for men’s engagement ring like rings made with metals like tungsten and titanium that are scratch resistant and durable as well. The best design for men's engagement diamond ring designs would be a wide ring in either white gold or platinum with small baguette diamonds encrusted in the centre line of the ring.

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

White Gold Diamond Rings Will Make Your Day

Are you getting engaged this season? You can adorn white gold diamond ring which will ultimately give your personality a terrific touch much beyond your imagination. The parents or first relatives of would be bride and would be groom will order the custom design engagement rings from the jewellery designers of repute. Since there are several designs of white gold diamond rings for your engagement is available in the market, you need to make the choice of engagement ring after going through shopping and comparison out there on internet. Rings, especially if we talk about the engagement rings, have many symbols and meanings associated with them. 

white gold diamond rings

Engagement rings are designed to show permanence and they have significance of own. If we talk of the antique engagement ring, it is quite a fashionable stuff but it depends on the artistic excellence of jewellery designer on how he designs the ring. Custom designs and personalized designs of engagement rings are available out there in the market and they are ready made. Buying the engagement diamond ring with all that glitterati intact would require lot of research. You should not show ignorance when shopping around for the custom designed engagement ring. It is quite important to also give way to fair deals on the diamond studded engagement rings as this will give you satisfaction of buying the best ring for your engagement ceremony. Engagement diamond ring possess exquisite appeal and style and it is made for the purpose. The ultimate purpose is eternal communion and great sense of commitment towards each other.

Traditional Diamond Diamond Ring Vs. Contemporary Diamond Wedding Ring

Are you serious about getting engaged to the loved one to whom you are physically and mentally bounded and committed? It is the time to check for the traditional and contemporary styled engagement diamond rings traditional diamond rings are designed with a completely traditional fervor and taste. The rings are known for the covertness and they make an ideal jewelry piece on your engagement. 
However, this does not by any means put contemporary or designer made engagement diamond rings in the back stage. You have to be sure about your taste while ordering the engagement diamond rings. Along with your personal taste, it also becomes equally important to check the size and style. Since there are several variations in engagement diamond rings, the final decision of whether to shop for one or not will depend entirely upon the kind of design you want. 

Diamond Diamond Ring
Choosing the engagement diamond rings for your loved one will entirely depend upon the style which he/she likes and wants to adorn it on the engagement ceremony. A princess cut style of the engagement ring would be towards more traditional style. If you know that would be wife to be more demanding than just being passionate about your love, then presenting her with new look and designer engagement rings would be an ideal choice to go ahead with. 

In short, good looks coupled with diamond sheen is what would be couples decide to choose to meet the commitment of engagement and marriage. With diamond wedding ring adorned on your hands, definitely, you have the reasons to celebrate your engagement.

Protecting Your Diamond Engagement Ring for Life

Do you want to keep the remembrance of your diamond engagement ring for life? If that is the case then you have to make sure to take extra care of the ring from all your heart and soul. Diamonds are forever and when they are studded in gold or platinum, the sheen itself multiplies for ages to come. It is your engagement ring and you have to take extra care under all the circumstances and by all means. When you take good care of your engagement ring, definitely, you can wear it on any occasion in the times to come.
It is important that you strictly adhere to the following suggestions when you want that your diamond engagement ring lives for long:
  • Do not wear the ring when you are performing any kind of household work
  • Clean the ring at least once in every week
  • Do not leave the diamond engagement ring in the sinks or bathtubs or anywhere else from where you can lose it
  • Put the engagement ring in a safe place from where the hackers, thieves or kids cannot just get away with
  • Do not touch the ring all the time as many a times your hands may not be washed
  • Do not consider the engagement ring for the usual wear as t is not made or designed for routine use
  • Do not wear the engagement ring when applying the makeup. 

    engagement diamond rings
Make sure that you follow the above suggestions and have the engagement ring live with you sparkling as long as you live on earth.

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