Thursday, 22 November 2012

Adding Value and Preciousness to Diamond Wedding Ring with 4Cs

Every gem has its own features and specifications that make it special and distinguished. When it comes to checking out the value and potential of diamonds, they are evaluated on the basis of the global standards of 4Cs. The market value and price of a diamond piece are set on the basis of 4 Cs including cut, carat weight, color and clarity.

Proportions, symmetry and polish of a diamond are considered valuable with the way it is cut. A diamond gets adequate and elegant shape when it is cut to get sparkle and brightness. When it comes to the weight of the diamond, it gets market value on the basis of carat, a weight standard for diamonds and gemstones. For the judgment of the purity and transparency of a diamond, the third factor called color is taken into consideration. The yellowish color of the stone gives it an appeal and reason to get liked by all. Finally, it is nothing but the clarity factor that measures the size, number and inclusions within each diamond stone. If all of the 4 Cs are evaluated seriously, one can make his or her wedding occasion unforgettable and memorable with a diamond wedding ring that is genuinely flawless.


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