Friday, 15 February 2013

Facts about Diamonds

Who does not wish to wear a stunning piece of diamond jewellery? But you must know certain facts about this precious stone before actually buying it.

Do you know?

Diamonds are the hardest metal on earth and these took billions of years to form. If you have thought of leaving something for your next generation, diamonds can be the most ideal items.

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You can simply keep them in a box or a pouch for several years and you won’t ever find them going into any form of deterioration. They may lose their radiance for a while, but once they are cleaned, they regain their original dazzling appeal.

Diamonds are the most flexible gemstones. Who says that you can wear a diamond ring only during a special event? Diamond accessories are extremely versatile and match with every fashion and outfit. For instance, a simple solitaire ring does not require any specific wardrobe to complement its beauty. It can be worn even in the office or during your casual trips as well.

Diamonds symbolize purity and eternal love, which makes these stones one of the most valuable gifts by men to their special someone.


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