Monday, 29 April 2013

4 Cs: A criteria to get the best diamond wedding ring

Every expensive gem or jewel has its own characteristic and attribute for which it is known for in the jewellery market. It is essential and inborn features and specifications of the gem that make it distinguished and fit for marking specific occasions. When it comes to buying a perfect diamond wedding ring that catches all eyes, we need to know what makes it valuable and precious. Mentioned below are 4Cs that decide the market value and price of a diamond piece. 

These include:

Cut: A diamond gets an adequate and elegant shape when it is cut and gets sparkle and brightness. That is why proportion, symmetry and polish play a vital role in making a diamond piece valuable. 
Carat (weight): Market value of a piece of diamond is decided on the basis of its weight called “carat”. It is the weight standard for diamonds and gemstones. 
Colour: It is the basis on which the purity and transparency of a diamond is judged. It is the colour that creates appeal. Hence, yellowish colour of the stone is considered a popular colour that makes it valuable. 
Clarity: At last, it is nothing but the clarity of the diamond piece that measures its size and number accurately.


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