Friday, 17 May 2013

Some Usual and Unusual wedding Traditions in the world!

Last week I attend the marriage of my friend and saw so many different culture over there. I got amazed by such lovely wedding traditions. Then I researched on internet and found many more wedding traditions across the world. Few of them I am going to share it with you.

As all of you know that exchanging rings, tossing the bridal bouqet or breaking champagne glasses are few common tradition in our country. But Did anyone know that before few years what wedding traditions were followed by the people. You will shock that only few weddings in the world takes place with rings exchange. This is a now trend that people use to exchange rings for marriage but in ancient times there were different culture being -

In ancient Rome, the groom sent an iron ring to the bride as a symbol of unbreakable bonds. Egyptians were the first to use rings in the wedding ceremony.
-Bridal bouquet toss culture come from the North America.
-Wedding dance tradition dates back to the ancient tribes.
-The Garter toss tradition was born in 14th century England. People believed that a piece of bride clothing would bring happiness and luck.
-In ancient Rome the veil of bride was red and symbolized the bride's belonging to the groom.
-Breaking dishes is an international tradition and in ancient times people used to broke clay pots for good luck.

I found some unusual wedding traditions also like

-In South Korea, the groom presented a wild goose to future mother in law as a symbol of fertility and commitment.
-In Fiji, The groom presented a whale's tooth to the bride father as a symbol of wealth and high social status.
-In Kenya, The husband used to wear the female clothes to experience the hard life of women.
-In Sweden, The bride put a silver coin in her left shoe and a gold in the right shoe that parents provide her.

So,isn't it interesting...........?

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