Friday, 28 September 2012

All about three stone engagement diamond rings

Three stone engagement diamond rings are usually made with diamond as a centre, surrounded by other stones.

Diamond engagement rings: The diamond is the only gemstone that is used to make this engagement ring - a single diamond in the centre, with two smaller diamonds at the side. The centre diamond can be princess cut, emerald cut, round, etc. You can order for engagement diamond rings in three stone designs in platinum as well as yellow gold.

Emerald or Sapphire engagement rings: Originally these types of rings are made only using diamonds, while other gemstones are also used. Usually, while making emerald engagement rings in the three stone design - three emeralds are never used. Emeralds and sapphires are usually used in combination with white diamonds. An emerald or the sapphire is generally set in the center with any cut of your choice and the diamonds are places on either side.

Vintage engagement rings: You can also have oval engagement rings; preferably go for the sapphire or the emerald center stone. Vintage three stone engagement rings are also made in white diamonds with elaborate & intricate designs. Antique or vintage rings made in yellow gold appear far more attractive than those made in white gold.

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