Friday, 28 September 2012

White gold engagement ring etiquettes

Engagement ring etiquette is a very important aspect of western weddings. Without the white gold engagement ring, the engagement seems incomplete.

Understanding the basic etiquette for engagement rings:

  • The first thing which sometimes can be ambiguous is who should wear the ring. Is it necessary that both the prospective bride and groom should wear it? As per traditional norms only the woman wears the ring. Though, with changing times, men have also started wearing these rings. Wearing an engagement ring is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond of love and commitment.

  • Often it is seen that men as well as women wear their engagement rings in either of the hands. Mostly women wear such rings in their ring finger of the left hand which supposedly have a vein which reaches your heart. While most men wear it in their right hand.

  • Consider the white gold engagement rings as a commitment with a stone. Amongst the vast variety of engagement rings, you have another option in the form of eternity rings. These symbolise a lifelong commitment and have precious stones, preferably diamond.

These were some of the few basic things involved in engagement ring etiquette. What matters at the end of the day is the love and the special bond between the couple.

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